Manufacturing, engineering and design of winter gardens.

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  • Winter Garden.

    The History of the Winter Gardens has its roots in the distant past. People have always sought to surround yourself with green plants alive, to feel the breath of nature. Originally conservatories were built for the very purpose of keeping and breeding of exotic plants.

    Winter Garden - Modern conservatories

    To do this, set up special facilities, which support the necessary conditions for plant life. Later conservatories are used not only for plant breeding, but as living, leisure, office or studio.

    Winter garden of green plants is unthinkable without the most amazing shapes and colors. With their selection should not only consider the environmental requirements and decorative features of each species, and functional type of the winter garden.

    The attractiveness of a mini pond in the winter garden is unusual. The proximity of stone, water, coastal gravel gives a more natural look green bush. The edges of the pond can be laid out in gravel, cobble, rubble stone.

    Bricklaying can be seasoned in the form of sharp rocks, either be a round stone with bay water surface. With lights, you can visually identify a fountain or cascade of falling water, flowing lines to emphasize the beauty of plants or provide direct plant.

    Winter Garden - Winter Garden conservatory

    All the year round bask in the sun, revel in the splendor and fragrance of flowering plants, feel the comfort and warmth, admire the beauty around you - that's the beauty of a winter garden, which can be compared with the eternal sun holiday.

    Although the device of the winter garden - work is quite expensive and time consuming, but it is quite feasible. The result can be a unique place for rest and relaxation, which is the decoration of your home as a whole.

    If you have a desire to create a winter garden at his home, give vent to imagination and come up with a few options to choose from them, at last, and only put it into practice.

    Individual performance of the project to your winter garden - a task for highly skilled architects and designers, who will try to find for each of your desire special, technically possible solution. As a result of their interaction conservatory will have the necessary practical and you aesthetic characteristics.

    Winter Garden - Location relative to the cardinal

    Glass Garden - so an individual design that almost never fails to repeat the old design intact. Only an elaborate project, tied to a specific site, and qualified installation will make the winter garden a source of joy and comfort.

    Therefore, in deciding to build a winter garden, it is necessary to study various options, determine the criteria and include them in your order from the beginning. After all, then something will change or altogether impossible or extremely difficult.


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